Thursday, August 15, 2013

Proud to Welcome Bryan Paul to Poems With Heart

It seems like summer flew by fast. I know that I've been absent and haven't posted anything new in several weeks as I've been juggling multiple writing projects.

But that doesn't mean that I haven't been hard at work on the anthology. Although, I almost spilled the beans as I watched my mother in-law lament on the six month anniversary of Billy’s (William Smith) passing, I kept the anthology under wraps until its release in February.

Prior to its release another poet has joined the ranks of writers that have gathered to show their support in this creative endeavor that supports heart health and Alzheimer’s disease. I’d like to welcome Bryan Paul who has contributed a poem to the anthology.

In addition, I would like to announce that the anthology will be formatted as of September 12th. If you have not submitted a poem or committed to doing so but have not sent it in please be sure to email it to me prior to September 10th. 


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This blog is dedicated to Billy Smith, Rose Lemardy, Evelyn Chiles and all those affected by either heart related health problems or Alzheimer’s Disease and the people who loved them.
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