Friday, June 28, 2013

Akiane Artwork & Licensing Constraints

Regrettably, I have some bad news regarding the reprint contributions from Akiane. Instead of giving a recap of the situation I’ll simply copy and quote the correspondence I received:

“Unfortunately even though I personally pushed your request up the ladder—at this time due to licensing constraints our copyright lawyers have declined your request.


Akiane Gallery”


I wanted to update everyone on the anthology project. I began the process of compiling all the poems I have received. The response from the poetry community and their words have moved me beyond belief. It appears that I will have enough poems to create a quality chapbook. But I’m still waiting on two poems from authors who have committed their time and talent. However, I want to make sure that a book of high quality is produced and ensure that a lasting binding is used. I had hoped for a larger collection than I currently have.

If anyone is still interested in submitting their poetry for inclusion please contact me at poemswithheart(at)gmail(dot)com.


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