Monday, May 20, 2013

Good Morning & Happy Monday. So how's the anthology shaping up?

For those of you that follow me on Facebook you've heard. I finally figured out Adobe Indesign. Go me. What does this mean for the book? Well it has allowed me to create an interactive e-book which will give readers access to content on the poet websites and places where their books can be purchased if you like the taste you sample in this anthology. The poems actually link back to the individual author websites & for those that have offered reprints it also links to the press and where readers can buy these books online. 

I will be releasing the e-book, probably exclusive, through Kindle first to garner more exposure. After 3 months it will be available on other platforms. The paperback version of the book will include images while the e-book will not. Not everyone has a tablet e-reader device and the images were low quality on the generic Kindle and paperwhite as well as early model Nooks. I use my Kindle for it's primary purpose of reading and will never upgrade unless it breaks and they stop selling the older model. I wanted to produce a quality e-book that formatted well across platforms. The anthology is at about fifty percent capacity so I can still accept more submissions.


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