Monday, April 8, 2013

What is Poems With Heart?

This blog is dedicated to Billy Smith, Rose Lemardy, Evelyn Chiles and all those affected by either heart related health problems or Alzheimer’s Disease and the people who loved them.

I’m seeking writers for my charity project to benefit these two related conditions.

Poems With Heart Background:

My husband’s brother William (Billy) Smith died at age 42 on March 10th, 2013. Billy was born with a heart murmur. It would take a great deal of time to give a chronological series of events that led to his death. I find it unnecessary to fulfill for the purpose of this project. And my daughter was born with a heart murmur that I’m hoping she will outgrow, despite the fact that the same hope had been given to Billy.

Both my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease.

There is a link between heart disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

I wanted to do something as a memorial and as charity for these two causes. This project will benefit two different charities: American Heart Association and Alzheimer’s Association.

This month is National Poetry Month. I’m seeking writers to contribute a poem with ‘heart’ as the theme. I will be publishing a book with ALL proceeds to be divided equally amongst the aforementioned charities.


Please submit your poem to to be considered for inclusion in a book to be released on February 14th, 2014 for American Heart Month.

-Please submit your poem for consideration by November 1, 2013.
-Please submit a poem not previously published.
-Do not send an attachment.
-Copy and paste your poem into the body of an email along with the name you would like it to be published under.
-By emailing your poem you are giving full permission for it to be published. You of course retain ownership of the material.
-THIS IS FOR CHARITY. You are donating your time, creativity, and poetry to support a great cause. Obviously, there is no monetary compensation for submitting your work. 


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