Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eyes Like Broken Windows

Please consider buying Eyes Like Broken Windows by Seth Michelson on Amazon on Friday, 4/26. As an added bonus Seth is sending out a free broadside to the first 25 people to order on the 26th.

Praise for Eyes Like Broken Windows:

"These poems—courageous, world aware, joyful, terrifying—by Seth Michelson...move me very much. They make me feel like shooting off a cannon, make me feel like grabbing strangers by the lapels, saying: Read these poems, read these poems, he wrote them for you!” —Thomas Lux

“Heartbeat and hymn, prayer and curse, Seth Michelson’s vigorous, spellbinding verse tackles the unbearable and that what must not be told. From the torture dens of Buenos Aires to the hospital beds of L.A. County, these Eyes Like Broken Windows summon us to bear witness until we decipher the truth that hides at the center of this visionary collection: ‘yes, we exist / where we’re erased.’”
—Alicia Partnoy


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